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Saurish Bose


AIR 48

Proven Success: 90%
tougher preparation;
100% concept clearance

Here in this centre You will get the opportunity to learn from the Chartered Accountants to follow techniques & strategies that are successful and avoid the ones that are not an updated and comprehensive study material prepared by the Chartered Accountants which incorporates the latest trends. Focus on Short cut methods and time saving techniques.

How can you be benefited by us?
  • Specialised Mental Exercises have been an innovative introduction, which are conducted on a regular basis to enhance the speed and accuracy of the students.

  • The Simulated tests have proved to be an excellent preparation, giving the Real Test feel, for the students preparing them not only academically but also psychologically.

  • Our biggest strength is that we assist you informulating a personalised strategy based on your strengths and weakneses which is often ignored by most students.

  • A screening test to ensure that the quality of the batch is good to expedite learing in the classroom.

  • An environment of Competition in the students not only to compete but also to co-operate with one another.

  • A well-stocked library which helps the student to go beyond what is taught in class.

  • Special Concentration classes to improve overall performance.

  • There will be discussions on the Simulated tests to demonstrate the applicability of the various techniques, which have been covered during the course.

  • We will be providing score analysis comparing performance across competitors to highlight your comparative strengths and weakness in every section.

  • Personalised counselling sessions with the Chartered Accountants help you to fine-tune your strategies to bring out the very best in you.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

We understand that each child is different and hence is their capacity to learn and understand. Studying for hours with zero efficiency is what we discourage too. Commerce takes long concepts and proper focus to execute, which we help you with by giving you personal attention by ways of personalized teaching technique, your choice of batch schedules, a personalized app for you, a personalized study schedule. What else can a student desire?

What about technology and studies together?

We bet you will be shocked. Let us explain once and for all the following steps which will help you out:

  • You join a specific course (Be it coaching for XI, XII or CA, any course)

  • You get live classes where the experts will teach you.

  • You get a study material which you will require to follow the lectures. (This is the stage where all others end. We don't.)

  • Next, we give you an app which is meant for you, your course and your study help.

  • You get an ID card through which you can access the student's website, where you will see the same lecture you attended or maybe missed last time.

  • You can revise again and again, as much as you want. No limits.

  • While we teach you, you will experience the best in class equipped classroom, where even your phones are going to be engaged!

Latest Reviews
"Great Teaching Techniques"
- Simmi Bagga
"Sir is very good and all my concepts are strong now"
- Simran Singh
" As good as it can get"
- Kirti
" Really good environment and technological presence."
- Aditi Daga
"Perfect care about concepts, marks are just automatic"
- Ruchika Sahay
"Why did not I come here first!
- Nisha Jha

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